The Ninth Commandment is Dead

October 15, 2008

You heard me.

Evidence:  Last night’s debate.

Is it just me, or are these lies becoming increasingly egregious?  I could not watch more than a few seconds of the debate (more on that later) before vomiting up bile.  Neither candidate could lead a box of donuts into a fat man’s mouth.  Why should either of them be entrusted with the Presidency?

I did tune in for a vile few seconds of the debate, as I said.  McCain was touting his Pay-For-Deadbeats-Mortgages Plan.  If a person bought a house that is too big for them, the federal government will actually pay some of that mortgage!  Quick, everybody, buy a mansion you can’t afford (with today’s housing prices, it might be quite large, actually) and then ask for mortgage assistance!  Duh!

Yes, Obama also favors this plan, but the only way I think I ever could have stomached voting McCain was because I thought he was against paying people’s mortgages.  Nope!  Listen, behavior that is rewarded is repeated.  When we pay idiots mortgages, we encourage idiots to buy huge houses.  When we pay to rebuild cities built below sea level, we encourage people to live in those dangerous areas.

And this is different (though only slightly) from the $700B bailout.  In the bailout, the government actually bought (will buy) assets from banks and lenders.  They buy these mortgages and then can sell them later.  In fact, right now those mortgages are probably undervalued because there are no buyers, so the government can probably wait five years and sell them for more than they were worth!  If not, the government will collect the mortgage payments from people whose mortgages were bought.  Yes, that $700B bailout was probably a bad idea, but all the alternatives were probably worse.

And now, an announcement:  Soon, I will be making my official endorsement for the President of the United States.  Yay.


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