Prognostication: Shenzhou 7 on Aug 24, 2008

August 8, 2008

My first real entry should be a short one.  I am very much a proponent of the space program here in the United States.  I grew up just about an hour south of Launch Pad 39B, where the Space Shuttles are launched.  We were so close we would run outside and watch from the front yard.  The light was so bright at night one could read by it.  Windows shook whenever we sent people into space.  It was fun!  I give those experiences some credit in influencing me to go into Physics (I just graduated with a BS in Physics in May).

I am deeply saddened at the sorry state NASA is now in.  Politics comes before exploration any day of the week.  Well, that could will be another post entirely, so I will save the rant for later…

Anyway, China is trying very hard to put on a good face for the 2008 Olympics.  They, of course, are having limited success

I predict that on the final day of the 2008 Olympics, China will launch a manned spacecraft into orbit.  The spacecraft will in some way do something that China has never done before.  Probably, it will carry multiple people into orbit.  This will be to advertise to the world its own technological prowess.

And that scares me.


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