It means “King of the Nerds”

August 8, 2008

Greetings, Salutations, and other Superfluous Felicitations.

I never thought I would ever start one of these blog-things.  I found them to be an unnecessary form of blind expression, a forum for emo-goths to expound on their many strange reactions to their wide variety of non-complementary prescription drugs.  That, and the occasional far-right or far-left rant’o’rama, inevitably leaving any reader sick with the vile putridity which gushes forth.

But not any more.  I have several friends who have shown me that (relatively) normal people may also have a blog.  Those friends each have their own fascinating writing style which more than keeps me interested.  They have generally interesting lives, or at the very least, an interesting way of discussing their boring lives.

I, however, will not bore you with my life and lack thereof.  Instead, I plan on writing about my thoughts on a variety of topics and the ways they are interconnected.  Plan on seeing entries on Religion, Politics, Science, Science and Religion, Religion and Politics, Politics and Science, General Rants, Predictions, and more.

I must now give an obligatory shout-out to my friend Cory.  Æons ago, he told me that if there were ever a biographical movie made of me, it should be called Full Frontal Nerdity.  I thank him for the suggestion…

Oh, and in case you didn’t get it, the title of the post refers to RexNerdorum.


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